Rosanna Plumbing Services

Emergency and General Plumbers.

For any and all plumbing emergencies in or near Rosanna call W.L. Chivers Plumbing anytime, including weekends and public holidays.

We are locally based so our plumbers will respond to your call quickly.

We work throughout Melbourne's North and Eastern suburbs. See our Service Area page for a complete list of locations.

For your convenience, our plumbers carry mobile EFTPOS and credit card facilities.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing emergencies can happen at anytime. If you have water leaking through your roof or walls, a burst pipe, blocked sewer or flooding from your hot water service you need to act fast!

Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for prompt, courteous and reliable service.

  • Fast hot water service replacement
  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • Blocked drains or sewers
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Our night shift team - ready 24/7

Our night shift team - ready 24/7

Hot Water Service Repair

We can repair or replace your damaged hot water service fast.

Chivers Plumbing can supply and install a new gas or electric hot water unit, or an instantaneous gas hot water heater to your property today. We can even replace old internal systems with a new, energy efficient external service.

  • Gas hot water
  • Instantaneous gas hot water
  • Electric hot water
  • Solar hot water systems
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Fast changeover service

Fast changeover service

Blocked Sewers or Drains

Using the latest technology we can cost effectively unclog and repair your blocked sewer and storm water drainage.

Indications of a blocked sewerage can include: unpleasant smells, a bubbling or blocked toilet, or waste water appearing in your sink, tub, or shower.

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A pipe blockage

A pipe blockage

Burst or Leaking Pipes

Left unattended leaking water can cause a great deal of damage. We can inspect your pipes, detect any leaks and repair as required regardless of where your pipes may be located.

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Replacing drainage pipes

Replacing drainage pipes

Toilet Suites - Installation and Repair

Chivers Plumbing can provide and fit quality toilet suites to suit any budget, from premium, concealed cistern models to basic but stylish units.

Signs your toilet needs attention:

  • Toilet won't stop flushing
  • Flush is too weak
  • Water is leaking from the toilet bowl
  • Toilet is slow to clear or blocking
  • Unpleasant odours
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New toilet suite installation

New toilet suite installation

C.C.TV Drain Inspection Camera

The correct diagnosis of a sewer pipe or drainage system blockage is crucial to achieving a fast and effective solution.

Our Closed Circuit Television Drain Camera is inserted into a sewer or storm water access point, allowing blockages and other damage to be precisely located and identified. The camera can save considerable mess and cost by avoiding extensive excavation work.

Some of the benefits of a CCTV drain camera inspection:

  • It will considerably reduce the overall cost of a drain repair through accurate diagnosis.
  • It can greatly reduce damage to your property from excavation works.
  • It can reveal potential drainage problems before they become a major issue.

If you are considering buying a property we recommend arranging a drain inspection. You may avoid the shock of of discovering major drainage pipe issues.

High Pressure Water Drain Cleaning

Many drains and sewers can be unclogged using very high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions. High-pressure water jetting clears blocked drains without the need for harmful chemicals or excavation of the pipes.

Water jetting can almost completely remove years of accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, and mineral deposits built up within drainage systems, restoring them to their free-flowing capacity.

In cases where water blasting alone will not unclog the drain, we have other specialised tools to cut through tree roots and other solid matter.

The use of high-pressure water jetting to unclog drains is reasonably common, however, incorrect management of the process can actually lead to further pipe damage.

WL Chivers Plumbing technicians are highly trained and competent in the operation of our high-tech water jetting equipment.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

No Dig, Pipe and Drain Relining

No dig, pipe and drain relining is a technique used to repair damaged drains and sewers. After your drain has been unclogged, damaged sections can be repaired by pipe relining. It involves the insertion of resin directly into the old drain. The resin bonds to the inside of the old pipe and hardens to form a new pipe within the old.

There are many benefits to no dig pipe relining:

  • No need for excavation work means lower cost and less disruption.
  • Restores full-flowing capacity.
  • Prevents future tree root incursion.
  • Allows repairs to otherwise inaccessible drains, such as those under a building.
  • May be used to repair entire pipes or damaged sections only.
  • Environmentally friendly, stronger and more durable than original pipes.
Damaged drain pipe- before and after

Damaged drain pipe- before and after


Unfortunately, in some situations there is no option other than to uncover and replace severely damaged drain pipes.

WL Chivers Plumbing have the equipment and expertise to handle any such job.

Our small excavator is able to work in the smallest of backyards and other tight places to excavate your damaged sewer or drainage pipes. Using the excavator to uncover the pipes means a faster repair and less mess and disruption to the surrounding areas, saving time and money.

Our large Hitachi 55U excavator is ideal for any heavy duty excavation project.

Plumbing excavations

Plumbing excavations

Bathroom Renovations

North East Bathrooms create strikingly beautiful bathrooms throughout Melbourne. From the smallest ensuite to the largest commercial bathroom, we can turn your bathroom ideas into reality. For all enquires please email enquiries@northeastbathrooms.com.au

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